Please review this FAQ page carefully, as important rules, regulations, and other suggestions are listed here. 

Upcomining Rainy River Hunt Dates and Prices:

Booking a hunt / other inquiries:

  • Currently, reservations are only accepted by phone. Our contact information, and a form to submit other questions, is included on our Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Show me the bucks!

We've posted a number of our trophy bucks in the Trophy Room page. The deer get big up here in the Canadian wilderness. It's not uncommon for our guests to shoot the biggest buck of their life while hunting with Rainy River Outfitters!

Rainy River Outfitters Rules for Firearm/Archery Deer Hunting:

  • 1 (one) deer per person. All deer must have a minimum of 4 (four) points on one side.
  • Violators of point minimum rules will be subject to a $400.00 penalty.
  • Wounding Deer- 1st time: Hunt is over for the day.
  • Wounding Deer- 2nd time: Your hunt is over.
  • No hunting scents are allowed at Rainy River!

Are crossbows allowed in both archery and firearms season? Can a regular bow be used in firearms season? 

  • Crossbows, compound bows, and traditional bows are all legal to use throughout archery and firearms season.

What should I pack when hunting at Rainy River Outfitters?  

What is included in the cost of a hunt?

  • Use of our expert guides, comfortable lodging at Tiboni's Bed and Breakfast, and delicious home-cooked meals are all included in the cost of a hunt. After your hunt, our guides will track your deer, field-dress it, and bring it back to the lodge for you.

What is NOT included in the cost of a hunt?

  • Hunting licenses and fees.
    • Prices do not include Firearm / Bow Declaration Fee: $25.00/CA, Outdoors Hunting Card: $9.68/CA, or Deer Hunting License: $247.26/CA, If successful: Export Permit $35.00/CA. (License fees are subject to change).
  • Caping and processing. Please note, deer must be skinned, quartered, and the hind-quarters deboned prior to crossing the international border. You are welcome to process your deer yourself at our lodge. Our local contacts do offer professional trophy head caping and processing if needed.
  • Transportation to and from Rainy River Outfitters.
  • Transportation of your kill home. Please bring a cooler(s) to transport your deer home.

How big is Rainy River Outfitter's hunting area? What is it like to hunt at Rainy River?

  • Our hunting area measures over 2,000 acres, within a roughly 8-mile radius from our lodge. Our sit locations are generally a mix of farm fields and dense brush-lots, and a mix of enclosed (heated) ground blinds, ladder stands, and/or pop-up tents. Our local, expert deer hunting guides are here to help you. Delicious, home-cooked meals are provided before and after every hunt.

I whacked one early. Now what?

  • Successful hunters who tag out early are welcome to take advantage of other good hunting in the area - including wolf, coyote, partridge, and sharp-tailed grouse. The fishing in our area is also very good! Please note, additional licences are required, and may be purchased locally at Cloverleaf  Grocery store in Emo, or at Service Canada Rainy River . Please note, local hours of operation may be limited.

Hunting Licenses:

In general, to hunt in Ontario, you must:

  1. Be at least 16 years old
  2. Have recognized hunting credentials from your home jurisdiction (or have recognized hunter credentials)
  3. Follow all federal firearm regulations around declaring and transporting non-restricted firearms
  4. Get a hunting version Outdoors Card
  5. Get all required tags and seals for the game you wish to hunt

You must carry both the hunting version Outdoors Card and licence tag whenever you hunt – and follow all hunting rules in Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary.

Rules for bringing a rifle/bow/crossbow into Canada:

  • Canadian border regulations require:
    • Passport or Birth Certificate & Photo ID
    • A completed Firearms Declaration Form
    • Trigger locks on ALL semi-automatic firearms
    • Bolts removed from bolt action rifles

For more information on bringing firearms into Canada please visit the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Website.

Getting to Rainy River Outfitters:

The closest American town to Rainy River is Baudette, Minnesota.

Driving Directions:

1. After crossing into Canada, follow ON-11 into Rainy River, ON.
2. Stay on ON-11 E for approximately 6 miles (10km).
3. Turn left onto ON-621 N (signs for Big Grassy River/Morson). There is also a Lowes Building Supply Centre at this intersection.
4. Drive approximately 2 miles (3.1km) to the Tiboni's Bed & Breakfast (home to Rainy River Outfitters).

Please note: Canadian border regulations regard DUI (driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol) offenses very seriously. Individuals with even one past DUI conviction may not be allowed to enter the country.

Did we miss anything? Please submit your additional inquiries via our Contact page!