Rainy River Outfitters


On my first evening I was lucky enough to bag a buck of a lifetime! It was a monster 10 point and the guides really knew the area well. The hospitality was exceptional and Marlene's cooking was fantastic! I will definitely be back, thanks to all!
This was the best hunting experience ever for me! I sat in Arizona's stand for one and a half days, then shot the biggest 8 pt. buck of my life! Thank you Peter! Marlene's cooking was so good I ate way too much at every meal. Thank you so much to the Tiboni's for such a wonderful stay, I look forward to many years of return visits!
"Ole Seagull" John
Thanks for a great time! I hunted some awesome spots. It was the experience of a lifetime. Thanks to Pete, I got a 207 lb. 10 point buck my first night out! Thanks so much!
The hunting was great, accommodations and food were the best I've ever experienced! Thanks to Pete, Marlene and P.J. for treating us like family! Thanks again for everything!
What a great place to go! Good fellowship, great food, and good guides! "Class A" All The Way!
I had a great hunt! I shot my buck on the 10th of November, Peter and Marlene are the best; great food; great camp! P.J. went all out to get me to my hunting stands, we will be back!
Bob "Harpo" Marx
Good hunting, great accommodations and great people, thanks!
Thanks for everything! This was a trip that I will never forget, the people and cooking were great. Has such an awesome time and I am so thankful for all the hard work that went into this to make this an unforgettable experience. Thank you to P.J. for all his help and advice, and thank you to Peter and Marlene for the great hospitality. Thanks for everything!
Thanks to the Tiboni's for a great time and the wonderful food! I shot a 200lb 8pt, thanks for everything!
Ryan P.
I had a great time, great food and lots of nice deer! Be sure to be in the woods at 2pm, good things will happen!
Thanks to Peter and Marlene for everything, the excellent food and great stands! I look forward to coming back. Thank to P.J. for dressing my deer and the lodging was great. I enjoyed putting out feed with Peter, and most of all, you treated us like family. Thanks for everything!